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Bikejoring, Canicross and Dog sledding

Dog Sports

Owning a dog and letting him live out his years as a couch potato or an occasional alarm. That’s cruel! Big or small, ALL DOGS ARE ATHLETES! Find the best dog sports and appropriate outlets for your canine’s mental and physical energy. Dogs are happiest when they have a job and thrive best with structure.

Dog food on a table

Dog Food

Posh nosh and healthy rations? YOUR DOG IS WHAT YOU FEED HIM! So, be wise! Research and read the fine print. Our job is to help you find the best dry dog food according to age, size, breed, activity level, and specific health needs. A rule of thumb: dogs fed quality foods look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Dog Grooming Three Little Dogs

Dog Grooming

With our tips and tricks, you can elevate your dog grooming game and start your home “paw-lour” now. Keeping your pampered pooch “fur-ever fabulous” and “fur-ever clean” doesn’t have to be as complex as a calculus problem or cost an arm and a leg.

Get The Best Dog Sports, Food, Grooming Tips and Tricks!

We do the research, reviews, and comparisons so you don’t have to!

We’ll help you find the best dog sports for every canine, such as bikejoring, agility, tracking, and more. There’s a plethora of benefits to dog sports, especially bikejoring and canicross, which require a team effort.

Read unbiased product reviews for the best overall dog food, the best dog food for large dog breeds, puppy food, and more. We also review the best dog grooming products, such as the best dog nail clippers, the best way for a puppy cut, and other pet needs worth investing in.

Bikejoring, Canicross and Dog sledding

Our Top Category Picks

Even when traditional jobs are disappearing, dog sports like bikejoring and canicross are here to stay! Find out how to stay fit together with your dog. Dog sports offer our pets a fantastic way to channel pent-up energy and stimulate their brilliant minds. So, get your dog to play his way to happiness by finding the best dog sport today!
The best dog food for your pet is one that’s age-appropriate, complete, and balanced, and meets your vet’s approval—and, of course, Sniffer’s palate. Let’s look for the best dog food for large breeds, medium breeds, and small breeds today!
I can’t stress enough how important it is to find the best dog filer for nails to ensure your pet’s safety and yours. Dogs hate getting their nails trimmed because if you cut too much nail, you could end up nicking the quick. And remember, dogs have teeth!

When it comes to intense training and behavioral modifications, many professionals and veteran dog owners use e-collars as a high-tech form of communication. The best e-collar for dogs guarantees safety and efficiency, thus giving you and your canine a positive outcome.

Dog Thinking About How We Compare & Choose

How We Compare & Choose

Expert knowledge to help you buy smart!

You and your beloved dog deserve products that live up to your expectations. We understand the disappointment of receiving something that falls short, especially when you’ve invested precious time and hard-earned money. That’s why SportyDog.co only recommends products we use or would use ourselves.

To choose the best products, we gather and compare top-rated options from different price ranges. We test them ourselves, with input from our furry friends, customer feedback, and professional experts. We provide a final list of recommendations and share any drawbacks.

Our ultimate goal is to help you make informed decisions and choose the best option that offers the most value for your money.

Our Buyer's Guide to Dog Vital Needs

Among the best ways to show our love to the furry members of the family includes spending quality time with them, engaging in dog sports together, and providing them with the best dog food, the best gear, as well as apply the best dog grooming tips we’ve learned.
As with humans, canine health starts in the gut. We can’t stress enough how important it is to feed only the best dog food. You can either take the vet’s word on this or try an experiment at home. Feed your dog the best dog food and judge the difference yourself!
Read the best dog grooming tips to avoid common dog grooming mistakes that might warrant an expensive trip to the vet. Dog grooming is more than just bathing your dog and brushing his fur. You also need to stay consistent in cleaning your dog’s ears, nails, and teeth—there’s actually a lot involved!
Both humans and canines were born to be active. Find the best dog sports for your furry sidekick like bikejoring and canicross. Dog sports open a door to opportunities that provide Sniffer enrichment, physical exercise, and mental stimulation.

Remember, every dog is unique. What works well for one dog might not be best for another. Research, consult with vets, and most importantly, understand your dog’s individual needs and preferences. We hope this guide sets you on the path to making the right choices for your beloved companion’s vital needs.

Your pet deserves great care. Delve into this guide and ensure you’re meeting your dog’s vital needs with the best dog food, harness, and sports choices available.

Top healthiest dog food for 2024

Pulling Sports

From canicross to dog scootering and sled racing, our blog covers everything you need to know about these thrilling sports that challenge both you and your furry companion. Our expert contributors share their training tips, gear recommendations, and insights into the different types of pulling sports available.

Bernese Mountain Dog pulling a cart containing a puppy
Pulling Sports

Uncovering the Truth: Do Dogs Like Pulling Carts?

As pet owners, we’re often captivated by the curious behaviors and preferences of our canine companions. One particularly intriguing question that has long puzzled us is whether dogs genuinely enjoy the task of pulling carts, or if they secretly resent this activity.

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Dog Food

Here, you will find unbiased reviews of the best dry dog food, the best wet dog food, the best frozen dog food for dogs of all sizes, and the best puppy food. Regardless of your pet’s breed, life stage, or genetic predisposition, we’ll help you find the best dog food to satisfy his nutritional requirements and of course, his discerning palate.

Dog Eating Dog Treats
Dog Food

Healthiest Treats for Dogs: Wags Don’t Lie

Well, well, well, look who we have here—a pet parent who’s interested in the healthiest treats for dogs! As a pet parent myself, I understand that you want to give your pooch an extra dose of vitamins and minerals whenever you get the chance.

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Dog Food

Best Wet Food for 2024: Dogs Will Lick Their Bowls Clean

Are you looking for the best wet food for your canine buddy? For those who can afford it, the advantages of wet food make it a better choice than kibble. For starters, fussy eaters find wet food more palatable, as they contain ingredients closer to their “natural state,” particularly animal

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Dog Grooming

Our library of grooming articles is here to provide you with tips and product recommendations to help you become a pro at keeping your dog’s coat shiny, nails trimmed, and ears clean.

How much do dog groomers charge? It’s inevitable to increase their rates because of varying factors.
Dog Grooming

How Much Do Most Dog Groomers Charge?

How much do most dog groomers charge is one of the common questions fur parents ask. In the USA, the average rate of dog grooming can start as low as $25.00 and go as high as $150.00.

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Dog Gear

We understand that finding the right gear for your furry pals can make a huge difference in their comfort and safety during walks and other activities. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with a comprehensive list of the best dog gear based on their purpose, function, and individual needs.

Weight-Pulling Harnesses For Dogs
Dog Gear

Best Weight-Pulling Harnesses For Dogs

Are you familiar with the dog sport of weight pulling? Well, it is a competition in which a dog is tasked with pulling a loaded sled or cart across dirt, snow, or carpet for a specified distance and time. It is a sport that dates back to the late 1800s

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One of the best and most trusted escape-proof heavy-duty dog crates on the market.
Dog Gear

Crash Tested Heavy Duty Dog Crate

I admit, I faltered when I bought a cheap dog crate for my Dachshund. I thought that a cheap product was good enough for my Fido but it turned out the other way around. You see my Dachshund is a spunky little escape artist who found his way out from

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Dog carting, canicross, and bikejoring—you certainly heard about these old but still popular and upcoming sports. Originally, dogs were selectively bred to serve a purpose, but now the majority of them are out of those jobs and are left twiddling their paws. This can be frustrating for working breeds who have strong work ethics and incredible innate capabilities.

That’s why dog sports are important!

Dog sports help pets stay mentally and physically stimulated, giving them the chance to shine and show off their skills like the natural-born athletes they are!

Even without rats to chase, the little ratter dogs can find fulfillment in agility sports. Shepherds and sheepdogs can compete in herding tests. The most obedient dogs can excel in obedience sports, while hounds can have the time of their lives in scent tracking.

And for fast, high-endurance canines, there are plenty of pulling sports like bikejoring and canicross. Let’s not forget the water-loving aqua dogs who can participate in water retrieval, dog diving, and docking sports.

When choosing the best puppy food, dry dog food, or even canine treats, for your pet, you need to carefully look into the list of ingredients and their nutritional value to ensure they meet Sniffer’s needs based on his age, breed, and health condition.

For instance, if you’re looking for the best puppy food, you’ll want to select a food with higher protein content to support proper growth and development. Similarly, when it comes to adult dog food, it’s advisable to opt for a food with moderate protein and fat to help maintain muscle density, amino acids to promote joint health, and a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep mature dogs in top shape.

However, large dogs can be a bit tricky, as some breeds are predisposed to certain medical conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to first consult with your vet to rule out any potential health risks or underlying conditions before deciding on the best dog food for large breeds.

By then, we can help you find the best dry dog food for your pet’s unique nutritional requirements.

From a dog’s perspective, getting groomed at home or by pet groomers is like a dental appointment — cold, noisy, scary, and full of anxiety-triggering gizmos. Don’t worry; there are ways to make dog grooming pleasant.

We’ll share tried-and-true techniques on how to cut dog nails using the best dog nail clippers, find the best products for bathing and brushing, how to give Sniffer that Hollywood smile, and so much more!

The right products and an efficient, gentle approach can turn scary sessions into a paw-some bonding experience. Now, anyone for beef liver toothpaste?

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