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The 11 Best Splash Pads For Dogs (Canine Cool Down Station)

The 11 Best Splash Pads For Dogs (Canine Cool Down Station)

Dogs are at a real risk of overheating when the outside temperatures exceeds even a lowly 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20C). 

At this temperature thermoregulating through panting and perspiring through their pads just isn’t enough to fully control the cooling process. 

A splash pad normally designed for the kids to have fun in the backyard can be a perfect solution for canines to grab a quick dunk, or rest up under the light sprays. 

Simply plug into a garden hose and let the entertainment begin!

As usual, to form the winners and losers of the review we’ve taken the time to read all of the reviews. To make it onto our list for consideration a product must have had at least 10 reviews from which genuine feedback was received.

The results and our winners are laid out below…

Budget Pick

Our Pick

Great Pick

SplashEZ Non Slip Splash Pad - Our Pick

No products found.

Truth be told it was close call between the SplashEZ and the other entries.

Having walls that are inflated with water as opposed to air means the SplashEZ can be rolled into action in seconds. 

Simply roll it out, plug in the hose and wait for the sprinklers to start flowing. 

Made from heavy duty PVC, the edging will be able to cope with impacts from claws provided they are not overly sharp. 

In terms of size, 69″ is wide enough for all breeds to lay down in without squashing the side walls and letting any pooled water escape. 

Increase the water pressure being fed in through the hose and the sprinkler height can be adjusted from a trickle all the way up to a small fountain wall of 30cm.

This feature is especially handy when first introducing a timid or small dog to the splashpad. 

Raxurt Anti-Slip Splash Pad for Dogs - Budget Pick

No products found.

Perfect for hot days where your pup needs some relief from the heat, the Raxurt was the top splash pad in the budget price range. 

No smaller than many of the more expensive options, there’s no real sacrifice in going with this low cost option. 

Taking up very little room when emptied and packed away, this splash pad can be quickly rolled out and filled when a canine plunge pool is needed.

Tip!! Once the splash pool walls are filled with water, reduce the water pressure delivered by the hose to a level that keeps the pooled water topped up but not so high that it causes the sprinklers to shoot water into the air.

EPN Splash Pad Play Mat for Dogs - Great Pick

No products found.

Only positive sentiments exist in the reviews left for the EPN Splash Pad. It scored highly when assessing (I) its easy of assembly, (II) durability and (III) easiness to inflate. 

The thicker than average PVC (0.45mm vs 0.28mm) used to build the RFAQK means that this splash pad can endure the scuffs and scrapes of back yard life better than most models.

A welcome design feature when dogs are intended to be the main users!

This does not feel or perform like a cheaply made product and if purchased will reward you and your dogs with a place to relax for many summer days to come!

Access To A Splash Pool Will Reduce The Risk Of Your Dog Suffering Heat Stroke

Round up

You’ve done your due diligence and researched the best way to keep your pup safe in extreme weather. Now it’s time to take action!

A splash pad is a great investment for any dog owner who lives in an area where there are long periods of warm, sunny days during peak summer months.

They offer many benefits to both humans and dogs alike, saving people from buying more expensive cooling devices like air conditioners whilst providing safety against heat stroke and entertainment for the pups.


Do I need to have a hose to operate a splash pad?

Yes, a hose is needed to operate a splash pad.

As opposed to a paddling pool, a hose is needed to inflate the walls of a splash pad as well as activate the sprinkler feature that fills the main pool.

The greater the flow of water entering into the splash pad the faster the splash pad will inflate and the higher the sprinklers will reach. 

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