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Are Leather Collars Good for Dogs?



Anna Maria , 10th March 2024

As a dedicated dog owner, you probably have many questions. Are leather collars good for dogs? Do they really last as long as people say they do?

In this article, we will address the most common questions dog owners have about leather dog collars. We will walk you through the different types of leathered collars and discuss why some collars exceed expectations, while others may fall short.

Are Leather Collars Good for Dogs?

Leather dog collars offer numerous advantages and they work well on all dogs—although brachycephalic breeds, such as Pugs and Chow Chows, should stick to wearing dog harnesses.

There are products designed for well-behaved pooches and those designed to train rowdy pups. There is simply a leather collar for every dog!  

While leather collars might not be the best for water-loving canines, they outperform other types of collars in terms of durability and style. Most importantly, leather collars offer greater breathability, making them ideal for active dogs who love the great outdoors.

Advantages of Leather Dog Collars

In this section, we will go further into detail about the distinct advantages of leather dog collars and help you understand why they stand out from other options on the market.

Leather Collars Have Unmatched Durability

Just like a good pair of boots, a leather dog collar will stand the test of time through all sorts of difficult situations! This is particularly true for dog collars made of real cowhide leather, also known as full-grain leather.

Renowned for its unparalleled strength, it is made from the topmost layer of the cow’s skin that contains tightly packed fibers that make it exceptionally robust and resilient.

A real leather dog collar will go the distance if appropriately maintained. Some brands have been known to last a dog’s lifetime.

Leather Collars Are the Epitome of Comfort

Comfort is equally important as durability and full-grain leather dog collars offer the best of both worlds!

While tough as nails, a leather dog collar feels soft and supple. Over time, it contours your dog’s neck to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Some designs may include soft padding for increased wearability.

Now, there is an age-old question circulating among dog owners: are leather dog collars breathable?

The short answer is yes! Given that the collar is made of real leather, you can rest assured it does not trap heat.

Leather dog collars are breathable as they have tiny pores akin to human skin. The leather’s permeable qualities help prevent heat and moisture retention.

Leather Collars Are Weather-Resistant

Contrary to popular belief, leather dog collars are suitable for daily use and outdoor adventures, as they are actually resistant to various weather conditions.

Leather dog collars can withstand light rain showers and damp weather. You and your pooch can hike through the woods or take a stroll along the beach without worry.

While a little bit of water won’t hurt your dog’s collar, anything more than that could damage it over time. Leather can never be fully waterproof due to its permeable qualities.

Therefore, it would be best to switch collars if you take your dog swimming.

Leather Collars Exude Elegance and Style

Leather has a luxurious appeal that is impossible to replicate with other materials, making it a top choice for dog owners who want their canine companions to look the part.

While luxury brands like Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci may have their line of dog collars and leashes, you don’t necessarily have to splurge to add a touch of sophistication to your dog’s outfit.

Even a simple brown leather collar from a reputable company can instantly make your dog look dapper! The best thing about genuine leather is that it looks great on all dogs.

Leather dog collars offer endless options to suit your preferences from embossed patterns to studded accents. Aside from rivets and spikes, some leather collars are even blinged up with Swarovski crystals and conchos.

What Are the Disadvantages of Leather Dog Collars?

Price is the biggest drawback of leather dog collars, but they are truly worth the money because they are in for the long haul. But just like other leather products, you get what you pay for.

a Chihuahua wearing a black studded leather dog collar and camouflage jumpsuit

Not all leather dog collars are created equal, as there are many types of leather. Full-grain varieties are the most expensive types of material used to make leather dog collars.

On the other hand, products labeled as “genuine leather” are scraps of low-quality animal hide glued together. Genuine leather is less durable and looks significantly less appealing than premium-quality leather.

The cheapest leather dog collars are not actually leather. Also called Vegan or PU leathers, these are made from synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of the real deal.

Dog collars made of faux leather can be particularly stiff, but they can easily stretch out with frequent exposure to the elements. As expected, these collars are prone to premature wear and tear, which ultimately compromises the reliability and comfort of the collar.

Moreover, faux leather is heavily treated to give the collar more protection against the elements. Not only does it lack breathability, but sensitive dogs may also get adverse reactions to the chemicals.

So if you choose a leather collar, it’s best to spring for one that is made with the best quality possible.

What Are the Different Types of Leather Dog Collars?

Leather collars come in an array of styles to fit various personalities and purposes.

The standard collar, which is the most common type of collar, is best suited for well-behaved dogs who do not pull when walking.  This type of collar comes flat with D-rings for attaching the leash and important tags.

But if your dog has long hair, you might want to opt for a rolled collar. The rolled leather looks exactly like it sounds. The collar rolls over your dog’s hair, so it doesn’t press it down and matt it as much as flat collars.

A martingale collar is ideal for dogs who constantly pull the leash during walks or have slender necks, such as Greyhounds and Whippets. This collar features a cinching loop that catches on the leash or pulls the dog back out of the collar.

There are also O-ring collars made of leather. Often called safety collars, these are perfect for herding and hunting dogs that are more prone to accidents.


Are leather collars good for dogs? Indeed! That is usually the case for premium-quality leather dog collars.

However, the extent of a collar’s durability, comfort, and appeal all boils down to its quality. It only follows that the better the materials and the sturdier the construction will result in a higher quality dog collar. 

Dog collars constructed of full-grain leather are the highest in quality, as such great detail is taken to their creation. Genuine leather collars are the more affordable option.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to leather dog collars today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can leather dog collars cause skin irritation?

Allergies, redness, and irritation should be the least of your concerns unless your dog is wearing a poor-quality dog collar. Synthetic leather can be problematic for sensitive dogs.

Do leather dog collars need maintenance?

Yes, regular upkeep is required to keep your dog’s collar in tip-top shape. You will need to wash it with a gentle solution and apply a conditioner to help keep the leather supple.

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