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The 7 Best Hunting Dog Vests With In-Built Flotation

The 7 Best Hunting Dog Vests With In-Built Flotation

Whether you are out hunting for waterfowl with your dog, taking a boating trip or just going for a swim, a dog vest with floatation design is a great piece of kit to invest in.

Having the correct equipment is vital for any outdoor sport if it is to be enjoyed worry free, especially when you are around water. 

Floatation vests not only aid in buoyancy for your dog, but they can act as a protection barrier and insulator against the cold too.

Here, we’ve done the research, taken different sports and needs into account and come up with our 7 best dog vests designed with floatation in mind so you can find the one that’s best for you and your K9 companion.

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Top 3 Hunting Dog Vests With In-Built Flotation 

  1. MeALPS OutdoorZ Topflight Dog Vest ndota Products Skid PlateOur Pick
  2. IDOMIK Dog Life Vest– Budget Pick
  3. Hunthor Dog Hunting VestGreat Pick
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The main feature of the ALPS OutdoorZ Topflight Dog Vest that is echoed throughout the customer reviews is its ability to be trimmed to the correct fit for your own dog. This removes the risk of rubbing, chaffing or hair loss that can be the downfall of an ill-fitting jacket.

Closure is done via both a zip and Velcro fastening which makes for a strong and robust closure system. The vest shape has also been praised by reviewers as it covers the body well on the back, chest and belly.

The 5mm thick camo print neoprene fabric adds a layer of both insulation and protection which makes this a great floatation vest for hunting sports.

We chose the ALPS OutdoorZ Topflight Dog Vest as Our Pick for all these reasons plus it’s at a great middle of the way price point too. Definitely one to check out if you’re into duck hunting or other waterfowl sports.

The IDOMIK Dog Life Vest offers a great budget option that ticks a lot of the design boxes we’ve set.

Not only is it a great Hi-visibility floatation vest that comes in 4 different colours, but it also includes large reflective strips that really help your pup stand out when in the water.

This vest also comes in a large range of sizes from XS to XXL. Combine this with the adjustable chest strap and quick release buckles, it’s easy to find a fit that suits almost any size of dog.

A great budget dog life vest for many activities including swimming, boating, kayaking, surfing and more.

If you and you K9 friend are more suited to hunting sports ahead of surfing, then this Rig’Em Right Waterfowl Dog Vest may be for you.

Made of quality and well-constructed materials, the 3-layered design gives warmth, protection and floatation for your dog all in one.

The shape of the Rig’Em right dog vest provides a useful protective layer across the chest, sides and belly which really helps prevent nicks, scrapes and puncture wounds when running through course undergrowth.

The 5mm neoprene layer adds insulation as well as quick drying to the list of benefits found within this vest. And the thin layer of foam inside the vest acts as a floatation aid which also makes this vest great for dogs who love to track waterfowl.

Available in different camo patterns and a range of sizes, this vest has been highly reviewed by seasoned hunters as a great vest for their 4-legged friends.

Another floatation vest designed especially for waterfowl hunting dogs is the GUGLUZA Neoprene Dog Vest. Designed for both floatation and protection, the 5mm neoprene fabric on the chest shield is both puncture and brush resistant.

As with the other hunting vest designs, the neoprene layer here works as a thermal insulator to help keep your dog warm in cooler temperatures.

The coverage of this vest is also good for hunting dogs as it provides a shield against scrapes and scratches on the chest, back, belly and side areas.

Along with the integrated floatation padding, this vest also comes with extra compartments on the side for adding additional foam if you wish to increase the buoyancy.

Looking for a hunting floatation vest for a larger dog, then take a look at the Hard Core Brands Water Dog Neo-Vest.

This extra-large size vest fits dogs with a 19” neck measurement and 31” chest.

Made of lightweight and breathable neoprene, it secures closed with a Velcro fastening for a great fit. Decorated with a real tree max-5 camo print, this sleek design is created for hunting dogs.

The easy-grip handles on the top of the vest make a useful addition for helping your dog into a boat or hunting blind. And of course, it comes with an added floatation lining for increased buoyancy.

Prefer to have a Hi-visibility dog vests? Then check out the ThinkPet Dog Life Jacket.

Built with 2 layers of EVA foam for extra buoyancy, it’s a great pick for dogs who love water sports.

The base layer is made up of fast drying neoprene and it’s topped with a strong, tear resistant Nylon fabric for durability.

Available in 3 bright colours, each one has reflective trims for that extra visibility and security.

We like the strong grab handle and added D-ring that are on the top of this vest. So not only can you attach a leash or longline to the vest, but you can also quickly and easily lift your dog out of the water if necessary.

Another great choice of Hi-viz dog vests is the Kuoser High Visibility Dog Life Jacket. It’s filled with EPE pearl foam for superior floatation so it’s great for dogs who will be swimming around deeper water.

Just like the ThinkPet jacket mentioned above, this vest has a complete wrap around design, meaning it’s easy to put on and take off your pet. Both the neck and the side closures are secured with a layer of Velcro and adjustable quick release buckles.

The design of the chest fastener also acts like a neck support, helping to keep your dog’s head above water.

This vest is available in a selection of bright colours which all have reflective strips throughout so it’s a great option as a Hi-visibility flotation dog vest.

Tip: The fit on this vest is reported to be slightly on the small side. Pay close attention to the sizing guide provided and size up if your pup is close to the size guide threshold.


What Are The Features Of A Good Dog Floatation Vest?

Below we’ve listed the main design features that we think a good floatation vest for your dog should have. These include:

  • Even floatation pads through out the vest
  • A comfortable but snug fit to support, not hinder, your dog in the water
  • Strong grab handle on top
  • A thermal layer to keep your dog warm while in the water
  • Quick drying and lightweight fabric 

Vests should also be chosen for your dog depending on their use. For normal water sports and boating trips a Hi-visibility and reflective design would be beneficial. However, camo designs and muted colour tones would most likely be preferable for hunting dogs.

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