Can You Attach A Dog To A Bike

Can You Attach A Dog To A Bike?

How Do You Attach a Dog to a Bike? | Equipment Required | Bikejoring Safety Considerations | Conclusion

Playing around with your dog and riding a bike with a dog is always the most fun experience. People who keep dogs also look forward to having some ways to spend time with them and keep them happy and entertained. One of the most amazing sports you can enjoy with your dog is bikejoring.

Yes, you heard it right! Bikejoring is fun to do, and you can easily attach a dog to a bike; however, you need to make sure that you have opted for the right equipment so that the entire experience offers safety for the dog.

If you look forward to learning more about bikejoring, the vital equipment needed, and how to use it, you are at the right place. This guide below captures all the details about bikejoring, which may answer most of your questions. Let’s dive in! 

How Do You Attach a Dog to a Bike?

When it comes to attaching a dog to a bike, there are some essential steps that you may need to follow. Focusing on these steps lets you perfectly attach the dog to the bike and have a safe bikejoring experience. Some steps involved are as follows:

Opt for the Right Equipment

The most important aspect of starting with bikejoring is the right equipment; make sure you invest in a proper bike leash and the right harness designed for the dog. The leash you have chosen must offer elasticity and should have the capability to absorb shock so that the dog remains safe.

Selecting the Appropriate Leash Length

Always choose a leash that ensures your dog is comfortable walking and running with you; it shouldn’t be too close to the bike wheels as it gets dangerous. Choosing an adjustable leash length is always suggested so you can adjust it as needed.

Keep a Check on Your Bike

Always make sure that your bike is in good condition, and for this, examine the tires and ensure that they have the correct pressure, examine the brakes, and check the stability of the rest of the bike. There shouldn’t be any sharp edges that might harm the dog.

Fix the Dog’s Harness

The dog’s harness must be comfortable and fit properly rather than the collar; it helps minimize the risk of injury to the dog’s neck.

Attach the Leash Adequately

Always attach the dog’s leash to the seat post or the bike’s frame; never attach it to the handles because this may cause a problem with the bike’s stability.

Attaching the dog to the bike 

Start with Some Practice

Do not directly start bikejoring on a busy road; start by practicing in a controlled environment with less or no traffic, like parking lots. It allows your dog to get familiar with the sport, and also you will be able to understand their behavior.

Do Not Take Longer Rides Initially

Always start with shorter rides and increase the distance with time to make your dog more comfortable. Also, keep an eye on the dog’s behavior and see if the length of leash you have opted for is comfortable or not for the dog and adjust accordingly.

Equipment Required To Attach A Dog To A Bike

When attaching a dog to a bike, specific equipment is necessary to ensure the dog enjoys a safe ride. Some of this equipment comprises the following:

Bikejoring Harness

Bikejoring harnesses are specially designed equipment worn by dogs to pull a cyclist on a bike, providing comfort, safety, and control during the activity. Here are some of the best bikejoring harnesses to consider:

1. Neewa Sled Pro Harness

Neewa Sled Pro Harness


This harness is suitable for wolf breeds, for instance, the Siberian husky, Greenland dogs, etc. It is made using polypropylene and has padding on the neck, offering a lot of comfort for the dog while pulling the back of this harness is X-back, which distributes the pressure over the dog’s body uniformly.


  • It is made with non-allergic and breathable material, which offers comfort.
  • The harness has reflective inserts, which help visibility during nighttime.
  • It has multiple sizes.


  • It is not suitable for all dog breeds.
  • The size chart shows smaller sizes.

2. Non-stop dogwear Freemotion Harness 5.0

Non-stop dogwear Freemotion Harness 5.0


This harness has a Y-shaped neck that allows the dog to move the shoulders freely while distributing the weight over the entire harness uniformly. The neck part comprises padded support, and it is ideal for all dogs looking forward to enjoying bikejoring.


  • The harness is very comfortable and has no hard and sharp edges.
  • There is a reflective loop that allows one to take a look at the way the dog moves at night.
  • There are multiple sizes, and it comes with adjustable features.


  • The size may not suit every dog.
  • It lacks adjustable buckles.

3. Neewa Adjustable Sled Pro Harness

Neewa Adjustable Sled Pro Harness


This harness comprises an x-back construction and is suitable for dogs with large heads. There are 8 assessment points, and it helps fit the different breeds and sizes of dogs. The material from which this harness is manufactured is breathable and non-allergic, which ensures comfort in all situations.


  • The construction of the harness is very durable and secure.
  • It has multiple adjustments that allow a comfortable fit to the dog.
  • There are multiple colors to choose from.


  • The adjustment of size needs to be done carefully to avoid rubbing.
  • The padding could be more comfortable.

4. Kurgo Long Haul Joring Canicross Harness

Kurgo Long Haul Joring Canicross Harness


This multipurpose harness is suitable for various sports apart from bikejoring. It is light in weight, has sufficient padding to ensure comfort, and offers an adjustable layout. This harness has a back D-ring to attach wash and reflective features for nighttime visibility.


  • It is a heavy-duty harness.
  • It is very easy to fix and can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Extremely comfortable harness


  • The sizes are imperfect.
  • The harness lacks durability.

5.  Neewa Adjustable Racing Harness

Neewa Adjustable Racing Harness


The Neewa adjustable racing harness is suitable for dogs that love enjoying dog sledding and bikejoring. This harness ensures the dogs get freedom from the belly side and enjoy sprint races.


  • This harness uses polypropylene with sufficient padding on the neck to ensure comfort.
  • The material used for its making is breathable and non-allergic.
  • It has reflective eyes, which are suitable for nighttime bikejoring.


  • The standard size does not suit every dog.
  • It was expensive.

Bikejoring Line

A bikejoring line is a strong, elastic cord that connects a dog’s harness to the bike, allowing for controlled pulling while absorbing shocks and providing flexibility. Here are some of the best bikejoring lines to consider: 

1. Neewa Tug Line with Bungee

Neewa Tug Line with Bungee


The Neewa tug line with bungee is perfect for a dog running leash and bikejoring. It comprises a bungee that helps absorb shocks, and the experience of bikejoring remains consistent. Two lengths are offered, which include 1.5m to 2m and 2m to 2.5 m. 


  • This bikejoring leash is very strong and durable.
  • The price of this bikejoring line is affordable.
  • It has multiple length options for ease.


  • The material lacks durability.
  • The quality of the clips could be better.

2. Bike Tow Leash 

Bike Tow Leash 


This bike tow leash offers a lot of ease regarding dog sledding and bikejoring. It is a suitable option for dogs that weigh between 10 and 185 pounds. It is designed with great care and helps prevent tangling, tipping, and steering. It can fit on the left side of the bikes and handles the sport well.


  • It is a durable and long-lasting leash.
  • The material used for its manufacture is breathable and comfortable.
  • It can fit all types of dogs.


  • This bikejoring line is expensive.

3. Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash Elastic Dog Leash for Sports

Non-stop dogwear Bungee Leash Elastic Dog Leash for Sports


This bungee leash is a perfect choice with sufficient elasticity and the ability to absorb shock to give an incredible bikejoring experience. The material for manufacturing the elastic line is high-quality rubber and can handle the most power dogs. 


  • Two length options help to choose the comfortable one for maximum control.
  • The carabiner comprises an automatic twist lock, which ensures safety.
  • The material is long-lasting, and elasticity makes bikejoring easier.


  • You cannot tumble dry the leash.
  • It is a costly product.

Bikejoring Antenna

 A bikejoring antenna is a flexible pole attached to the bike that extends horizontally and helps prevent the line from tangling in the wheels. It provides a clear path for the bikejoring line, enhancing safety and control during the activity. Here are some to consider:

1. Non-stop dogwear Bike Antenna

Non-stop dogwear Bike Antenna


This bike antenna makes it easier for you to have a bicycle ride with your dog without having the leash in hand. It is very easily attachable, and you can quickly fix it with your dog’s harness. The base of this antenna is very flexible; hence, the balance maintenance is also straightforward.


  • Its diameter is 1.1 inches, which easily fits all kinds of bikes.
  • It has very little weight, making it easier to use.
  • This antenna offers excellent flexibility.


  • It might only fit some of the bikes.
  • The antenna lacks durability.

2. Lumintrail Dog Bike Leash Attachment

Lumintrail Dog Bike Leash Attachment


The Lumintrail antenna has an easy-to-install mechanism and is ideal for dogs with a medium to large size. The leash attachment offers absorption of bumps during the ride, and hence, the dog remains comfortable. There is a 10.5 inches of pile that offers extra safety.


  • It is a durable and long-lasting antenna.
  • This antenna offers a greater level of control while riding the bike.
  • The features justify the price of the antenna.


  • It is not suitable to attach to the back of the bike.

3. Bike Dog Leash Attachment with Shock Absorber

Bike Dog Leash Attachment with Shock Absorber


This bikejoring antenna allows it to cover long distances easily as it can absorb shocks and maintain distance and balance throughout the ride. The material used for the body of the leash is steel, which is a durable option, and the rope is nylon. It goes well with all types of bicycles and is easy to fit and remove.


  • It offers functionality for left as well as right.
  • It offers a durable structure that ensures safety and long-term usage.


  • The antenna is pricey.
  • It has a roll made of nylon, which may sometimes wear out quickly.

Bikejoring Safety Considerations:

Bikejoring is a very fun-filled activity, and dogs pull the cyclist. However, it requires some safety considerations so that the life of the rider and the dog stays safe. These safety considerations are provided below:

  • Training is essential in the case of bikejoring; the rider and the dogs must be trained adequately so that the dogs can even respond to the owner’s commands like turn, go, and stop. Hence, you must have a couple of training sessions beforehand.
  • The right bikejoring equipment is essential for a safe experience; the harness, bungee line, and bikejoring antenna are vital equipment that must be purchased and used properly.
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear is also a matter that should be focused on; you should have a helmet and gloves and ensure that your dog has a reflective element, especially when bikejoring at night.
  • Always choose dog-friendly locations; bikejoring is never suitable for crowded areas as there is a risk of hazards.
  • Make sure to consider the weather, such as scorching weather and extreme rain and snow, that cause discomfort for you and the dog.
  • Do not stay active for longer spans; your dog needs rest, and keep it hydrated by taking regular breaks.
  • Always assess the health of your dog beforehand so that in case your dog has any discomfort or injury, you can avoid the activity.
  • Choose a track with no social distractions for the dog; if other dogs and people socially interact with your dog during bikejoring, it causes trouble.


As you have gone through the guide above, you must know the different bikejoring equipment necessary for bikejoring and how to have safe and comfortable equipment. Enjoying with your dog through bikejoring is a splendid experience, and by having the right equipment, you can have a lot of fun with safety.

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