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Olaitan Aiyeyomi


Olaitan Aiyeyomi , 04th March 2024

Walks are a must for a dog if it will remain agile, healthy, and active. Therefore, to make the walk a great time for the dog and its owner, getting the best dog harness for dogs is essential. The best thing you can do for your dog (and yourself) is to equip your dog with a strong dog harness. This ensures it is geared up for the daily walk from the moment you leave the house.

However, it can be hard to decide what material of harness is best for your dog based on the type of activities it engages in. In this article, we will talk mostly about leather harnesses and whether or not they are the best harness materials. Also, we will give you a review of the best leather dog harness for dogs on the market today. Keep reading to discover the purpose of a dog harness and why you should get one for your dog.

What Is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is like a dog collar but not quite a collar. It is a wearable piece of equipment a dog owner puts around their dog. Unlike the collar, the harness does not go around the neck; it is fitted around the dog’s torso. The straps of the harness are secured behind the dog’s front legs to avoid putting tension on the chest.

The purpose of a dog harness

A dog harness serves several purposes, including guiding the dog during walks and reducing tension on the neck when they pull. The best dog harness for dogs features straps that go around the dog’s torso and clips with D-rings attached to the lead.

Types of dog harness

Dog harnesses used for walks and lead training are of four main types. These include back clip, front clip, dual clip, and step-in harnesses. These harnesses are similar in design, but they have different pros and cons, and deciding the best one for your dog is essential. Moreover, the type of dog harness you choose for your dog will depend on its breed, size, and temperament during walks. Let’s see the harnesses one after the other:

  • Back Clip Harness: These are the most common type of dog harness featuring D-rings positioned in the center of the dog’s back. It is the simplest and easiest harness to use, and you can use it with different dog leads. It is the best dog harness for dogs that are quite calm during walks as they do not effectively discourage pulling.
  • Front Clip Dog Harness: Also known as anti-pull harnesses, a front clip harness comes with D-rings used to attach the leash. The D-rings are positioned on the dog’s chest, unlike in back clip harnesses. This is the best dog harness for dogs that love to pull on the lead during walks.
  • Dual Clip Dog Harness: A dual clip harness is a versatile option that allows you to attach a lead to a back or front clip. You can use this harness in two ways: every day on walks and when walking through a busy area and needing greater control. However, these harnesses tend to be bulky and are best suited for training purposes.
  • Step-in Dog Harness: A step-in dog harness features straps into which the dog steps with both front paws, after which the harness is fastened at the back. This is the best dog harness for dogs that don’t like harnesses being put over their heads.

The Importance of a Dog Harness: Why Use a Harness for Your Dog?

As a dog owner, you want to keep your furry friend safe and secure and yourself in control during walks. Therefore, you want to invest in a good dog harness for dogs, which is a better alternative than a neck collar. Here are four major reasons why you should use a harness for your canine companion:

1. Better control

With the dog harness wrapped around your dog, you have better control over their entire body. If your dog is particularly large and more energetic than most dogs, using a strong harness is your best bet. With a dog harness, you can guide your dog more effectively and keep your furry friend from running off and getting into trouble.

2. Proper restraint in the car

The dog harness is not just for walks and outdoor adventures; it also keeps your dog safe in the car. Just as we buckle up for safety while in the car, the harness keeps your dog buckled up and properly restrained. Using a crash-tested best dog harness for dogs is a great way to ensure your dog’s safety in the car.

3. Helps with training

A dog harness can be a valuable tool for training your dog, especially those designed to discourage pulling. A good leather dog harness can deter your dog from jumping up, teaching the dog good leash manners.

4. Gives better visibility

Dog harnesses are often designed with bright or reflective materials to ensure your dog can be easily seen. This benefits you, your dog, and other road users such as cyclists and drivers who come across you and your dog.

Leather Harness vs. Nylon Harness: Which Is Best?

When deciding between leather and nylon as the best dog harness for dogs, you need to consider their characteristics. Compared to other harnesses on the market, leather harnesses are durable, comfortable, and feature a timeless design. Let’s compare these two materials used in making dog harnesses and let you decide which one works for you:

Leather harness

A leather harness is one of the most solid, heavy-duty harnesses on the dog market created for guard and protection duties. These harnesses are often made with leather impregnated with soft, flexible, and durable grease and stitched with reinforced yarn. The harness does not rub into the dog’s thumb thanks to the thick felt padding on the chest and back plates.

Furthermore, the edges of a leather harness are perfectly rounded with zero discomfort, pressure, or pain. It is designed to withstand great charges and evens out the tension between the neck, shoulders, and chest. Meanwhile, the harness is welded of brass or chromed steel and stitched into the item, resistant to corrosion, rust, and external factors.

Nylon harness

Nylon harness is the best dog harness for dogs, a multifunctional product made of stretch-resistant, waterproof, and reusable nylon. You can use the harness under any weather condition, and training will be just as effective. It features wide straps and ergonomic construction and is fit for pulling, tracking, patrolling, training, jogging, and walking.

It features an underbelly strap that you can remove and a chest strap that cannot be adjusted. As a result, you have to measure your dog to ensure you get the exact size.

Benefits of Leather Harness for Dogs

The leather harness is a versatile and stylish choice among the best dog harnesses for dogs on the dog market. Below are some benefits of opting for a leather harness for your furry companion:

  • It distributes pressure across the chest and shoulder, offering unparalleled comfort and ensuring a convenient and delightful walk or training;
  • Leather harnesses often feature a supportive design in that they are crafted to prevent unnecessary strain on the dog’s neck and spine.
  • Purchasing a leather harness is purchasing durability and quality; the material can stand the test of time, growing softer and more comfortable with each use.
  • You can easily adjust the straps and quickly release the buckles, making the dog harness easy to take off.

The Pros and Cons of Leather Harness for Dogs

A leather harness has its advantages and disadvantages; weighing the pros and cons helps you make informed decisions. Below are the pros and cons of using a leather dog harness for your dog:

The pros

  • The leather harness is very comfortable for the dog due to the way it fits.
  • A well-fitted, best-dog harness for dogs will prevent injury and allow easy breathing.
  • It shifts pressure from the neck to a larger body area, ensuring the dog’s natural range of movement isn’t hindered.
  • Leather harnesses are harder to escape from, especially with the extra strap around the waist.
  • They offer more control over the canine thanks to the front clip that prevents pulling.
  • A well-fitting leather dog harness can be beneficial for nervous dogs who can easily back out of simpler harnesses.

The cons

  • Leather harnesses can be quite tricky to put on, depending on the style.
  • Long-haired dogs might need some time to get used to wearing a leather dog harness as their fur might get tangled in the harness.
  • Harnesses that go over the head can feel too intrusive for skittish dogs.

Review of the Top 4 Best Dog Leather Harness for Dogs in 2024

  1. Leather Heavy-Duty Mobility Dog Harness
  2. Leather Guide Dog Harness
  3. Padded Dog Leather Harness w/ Sheepskin Lining
  4. Reflective Sheepskin-Lined Leather Dog Harness

1. Leather Heavy-Duty Dog Harness

This is a high-quality dog harness that offers great stability and an enhanced fit for dogs. It is designed with soft, supple, full, durable, flexible, and soft Latigo leather that breaks in faster. Dyed solid, this harness will not fade, and the conditioners are infused with oil to ensure the leather is almost waterproof, and these are the main reasons why you should buy this harness now.

2. Leather Guide Dog Harness

This harness is made from two layers of soft and supple black Latigo leather stitched and riveted together. Being constructed with latigo leather means it is almost waterproof, durable, flexible, soft, and will not dry out. Do you want a dog harness that features an adjustable chest and girth straps, and you can easily clean and oil it after use? Then, click here to purchase this well-designed option quickly.

3. Durable Leather Reflective Harness

The durable dog leather harness is made from heavy latigo leather and is suited to multiple uses. You can use this harness for mobility, agitation work, or a dog with allergies; it has a handle that offers a good grip. The several adjustment points and ease of use that this harness offers are what makes it stand out from others and why you should get it by clicking here.

4. Heavy Duty Leather Dog Harness

This is one of the best dog harnesses for dogs made with high-quality latigo leather. If you’re looking for a soft and supple leather dog harness that will last a lifetime, this is it. If you are a dog owner who wants a dog harness that has a reflective material to ensure optimal visibility for your fog, then you should get this product now.


The best dog harnesses for dogs in 2024 are those harnesses that offer your canine friend comfort, flexibility, and efficiency. A good, well-fitting leather harness is the way to go if you want more control over your dog’s entire body during walks and training. If you’re looking for the best leather dog harness for your dog, click here now to start shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

A leather dog harness utilizes the canine’s pulling power and offers the owner or handler more control during walks. Furthermore, it distributes weight to different parts of the body, including the shoulders, chest, and back, reducing pressure on the neck and collar.

Get a soft measuring tape or piece of ribbon or string; a ruler can work if you don’t have flexible tape. Now, wrap the tape around the dog’s lower neck to take its neck measurements and then around its torso for chest measurements.

How you fasten the harness will depend on the type of harness you have. For a back clip harness, kneel behind or beside your dog and gently slide the small loop over its side. Then, lift the front left paw and slide the strap through the foreleg. Next, guide the strap under the belly and clip in the buckle near the right leg; adjust it for fitting.

For the front clip dog harness, crouch or kneel behind or beside your dog and unclip the belly strap buckle. Then, gently slide the main loop over the head to align the D-ring, and then fasten the belly strap behind the legs.

For the back clip, you know it is rightly fitted when the chest strap fits horizontally over the dog’s chest bone. For front clip harnesses, the D-ring must sit on the top at the back between the dog’s shoulder blades.

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