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Olaitan Aiyeyomi


Olaitan Aiyeyomi , 02nd March 2024

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If you’re reading this blog, it means you’re looking for a good e-collar dog training for hunting. However, with different models of e-collars for hunting dogs on the market, you’re not sure of the best product. The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is the best e-collar for hunting dogs on the market right now, and we’ll show you why. But first, let’s talk about e-collars for hunting dogs and whether or not they are ideal for dog training.

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS: A Review

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is a high-drive e-collar for hunting dogs specially designed for stubborn dogs. It works effectively by delivering a high static stimulation range, and you can operate it without having to look at it. As such, when training or hunting with your dog, you can focus on your furry friend rather than on the equipment.


The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is a small-sized, lightweight e-collar built for in-field training with working dogs. It was designed to make training extra stubborn dogs easier with only the slight push of a button. By slightly moving the dial on the remote control, you can deliver a tone, vibration, or one of 21 static simulations. Furthermore, you can communicate with up to three dogs as far away as 500 yards using these simulations.


  • Higher ranges of stimulation for more customized training and personalized hunting;
  • Offers 21 levels of static stimulation, as opposed to the 7 in the previous model;
  • The ability to train with a vibration and tone or a buzz and a beep. Meanwhile, you can customize the tone, vibration, and stimulation levels to fit your dog’s temperament and your style;
  • Comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a two-hour quick charge that lasts 50 to 70 hours per charge;
  • Uses DryTek technology, a rugged, waterproof, and submersible system up to 25 feet for great functionality in any terrain or weather;
  • The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS can support the training of up to three dogs with the same remote, with an additional e-collar for hunting dogs.
  • Ideally suited for dogs at least 8 pounds in weight and with neck sizes between 5 and 22 inches.

Why Get an E-Collar for Your Dog: Top 5 Reasons

Technology has crept into every industry, causing revolutions we cannot but love – well, most of the time. One of the ways technology has improved the dog training industry is by making it more convenient. Nevertheless, you might find the idea of using technology for dog training daunting, but that’s what’s great about e-collars for hunting dogs.

They are very effective and offer a more humane way to train your dog on new commands and behaviors. So, why should you get an e-collar for hunting dogs to train your dog?

  1. Remind your dog previously taught commands

One reason to use an e-collar for hunting dogs is that it is valuable in reinforcing commands your dog already knows. This works even if the dog is far away, delivering mild electric stimulation to reinforce the command positively. As such, with this training dog collar, you can communicate with your male or female dogs from a distance. Meanwhile, you can combine the collar with traditional training methods if you want maximum effectiveness.

  1. Improved communication

E-collars for training dogs work remotely and provide a very efficient and effective way to communicate with your dog. Hence, you can train your dog clearer and faster; you can correct behaviors even from a distance. With only a mild stimulation or beep sound from the collar, you can guide your canine friend toward the behaviors you desire.

  1. Help your dog behave well even with distractions

The best e-collar for training dogs will let you effectively communicate with your dog, even in distracting situations. Simply push a button, and the collar sends a harmless stimulation like a beep or buzz. The buzz will recapture your dog’s attention and help them focus on the task at hand. If you utilize the collar well, you will find it effective in controlling your dog’s behavior in high-arousal situations.

  1. Control your dog with or without the leash

Another reason to buy an e-collar for hunting dogs is that it helps you control your canine friend on or off the leash. With a quality e-collar for dog training, you can correct your dog when they’re acting unruly, like running away or chasing other animals. In addition, the collar offers an extra layer of security for your pet, especially if the traditional dog training method you’re using is insufficient.

  1. More Freedom for Your Dog

E-collars work by giving you consistent and timely feedback, thus helping your dog learn to respond to commands off-leash. By doing so, the level of confidence and independence your dog enjoys increases, helping you both to bond better. A standard e-collar for hunting dogs offers you a reliable way to communicate with your furry friend off-leash. Thus, it improves their off-leash reliability and gives them ample freedom without jeopardizing their safety or making them shy.

Purchasing an E-Collar for Hunting Dogs

  • VersatilityChoose an e-collar that offers a wide range of stimulation levels for versatility in how you train your dog.
  • Waterproof: You want the dog training e-collar to be waterproof if you intend to hunt or train in wet areas. If you will be entering very damp areas, water-resistant may not be good enough as you may take a dip sooner or later.
  • Battery Life: You don’t want an e-collar that you constantly have to worry about topping its juice. You want an e-collar with strong rechargeable batteries that let you focus on your training or hunting.
  • Size: Check the size of the transmitter; is it small enough to fit on a lanyard around your neck or into a wader pocket? Also, you want the e-collar to fit into your hand with easy-to-feel buttons that you can operate without looking at.
  • Quality: Check the quality of the e-collar; you want it strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of training activities. The collar has to be able to withstand hard use and anything your dog enters, including mud, brush, water, grass seeds, snow, and ice.

Benefits of the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS

The key to dog training and enforcing already-known commands is a quick response to unacceptable canine behavior. No matter how slight it may be, a delay can make your dog oblivious to the actions you expect of them. Essentially, this is why many dog owners and their dogs end up getting frustrated, as it seems the dog is not learning. However, with the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS e-collar for hunting dogs, you can give a rapid response or reaction to your furry friend’s behavior.

This electronic collar lets you react, positively or negatively, to your dog’s behavior, even from a distance. Let’s look at some of the benefits of purchasing the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS.

  • Correction from a distance

Remember the many times you dash toward your dog in a frantic effort to stop bad behavior. However, by the time you get there, either your dog is done, or he thinks it is time to play. Unfortunately, your dog has learned nothing at that moment; your frantic dash has done nothing to train your furry friend. However, the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS will help you regain your dog’s attention and focus without moving an inch.

  • Remind your overly enthusiastic dog

Hunting dogs are designed to have more focus and intelligence than other breeds, but that can be a blessing and a curse. Your canine can become so focused on the task at hand that they miss or outright ignore auditory commands. The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS can help you send a quick reminder and immediately recall your overly engrossed dog.

  • Get a more rapid response from your dog

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is much more effective at commanding your dog’s attention to your instructions than whistling, clicking, or clapping. When your dog investigates an object that catches their fancy, it can quickly lose its hearing. This SportDOG e-collar for hunting dogs can offer the perfect solution by quickly getting them to refocus. 

  • The static shock delivered is harmless

When you hear ‘static shock,’ it is easy to imagine some painful electric shock coursing through your dog’s veins. However, it is nothing like this; the shock, in this sense, is harmless – more like an annoying pulse. Set the SportDOG FieldTrainer at the proper level, and your dog receives what looks like flicking the side of its neck to get its attention.

Pros and Cons

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS has both its upsides and downsides, although the former outweighs the latter. Let’s look at the major pros and cons of the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS dog training e-collar:


  • The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS works excellently with extra stubborn dogs, a great e-collar for hunting dogs that get easily distracted.
  • Multiple signal systems (that is, vibrations, stimulations, and beeps) for recalling a distracted dog’s attention.
  • Very user-friendly and excellent for dog training, including hounds, hunters, and companions.
  • Waterproof, submersible, and highly durable, it remains very effective even after years of using it.
  • The collar and remote combination work several hundreds of yards away such that you can control the collar from inside with your dog outside.


  • Sometimes, the beep doesn’t always work well, even when the collar is fitly placed until you turn it on and off.
  • The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is quite pricey.

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS vs. Other E-Collars

  Quality and stylish e-collar for hunting dogs that offers you everything you
SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS
Bousnic Dog Shock E-Collar
PEACHAR Dog Training E-Collar
Haoteful Dog Shock Collar
Awards Editors Choice Top Pick Top Pick Top Pick
Dimensions 2.6″L x 1.2″W 1 x 1 x 0.1”; 11.68 Ounces 5.52″L x 1.57″ W           –
Closure Buckle Button Buckle Buckle
Top Features Up to 21 different static stimulation levels, quality rechargeable batteries, light and well-designed with an easy-to-use remote. Offers three different training modes, a durable nylon collar strap, and a waterproof design. Sophisticated keypad lock, waterproof design, up to 8 different vibration levels. Highly comfortable and adjustable collars, quality safety lock, and large display.
Mile Range 500 Yards 1,100 Yards 760 Yards 860 Yards
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Anji | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I have a Mini Aussie; she’s super stubborn with very good recall without distractions. However, she gets easily distracted when people or other dogs are walking around, and she doesn’t hear my recall. So, the beep/vibrations definitely help because she immediately turns around when she hears it. When she’s amped up, I boop her a few times until she turns back to her heel position.”

ESM | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The e-collar has a detailed but simple operation and excellent manual for working with different dog breeds, including hounds and hunters. Sportdog is so simple and easy to use, durable, and waterproof.

Melissa Sullivan | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I’ve been using this e-collar (SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS) for years now. It is a quality collar that loosens up after many uses; it was worth the cost.”


The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is the go-to e-collar for hunting dogs on the market, with lots of features to offer. The collar offers you access to a rapid reaction to your furry friend’s behavior. Also, with this collar, you can save yourself from having to dash to your dog to stop a certain behavior frantically. Click here now to get the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS and start improving your training sessions with your canine companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SportDOG FieldTrainer 425XS is the best training and e-collar for hunting dogs on the market. It offers lots of features so a dog lover can enjoy enhanced control and the canine more independence. If you have a particularly stubborn dog, this dog training collar will help you to always stay in charge.

E-collars are an incredibly useful and humane way to train your dogs, particularly when you use them correctly. They are the best training tools if you only use them to reinforce commands you have already taught your dog. Also, choose the right static stimulation level to ensure it remains safe for your dog.

The e-collar for hunting dogs has a tone and vibration that can be used as warning signals. You can use the collar to condition your hunting dog to track it during the hunting season, preventing them from getting lost. Also, e-collars can cut an otherwise long and frustrating training session incredibly short if you have a stubborn dog.

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