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What Equipment Do I Need for Bikejoring – Everything You Need to Start Rolling

Lara Jill , 29th March 2024

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Bikejoring is a legitimate sport in Europe that has been acknowledged by various international governing bodies. Finally, this pedal-pounding off-road cycling is gaining popularity in the United States. I’m sure you’re excited to try it, too! But you’re probably thinking, “What equipment do I need for bikejoring? Where do I start?”

First things first, you need safety gear and a bike that can withstand off-road riding. Equally important, you should be proficient in riding a bike in a variety of terrain before you let Sniffer join you. The ability to ride across varied terrain, both up and downhill, is essential.

As for your dog’s bikejoring equipment, we got you covered! I’ve scoured the Internet, asked experts, and read a gazillion reviews to find the best bikejoring equipment. Ensure a fun, productive experience and avoid embarrassing wipeouts with the help of this guide.

Bikejoring Harness

You can’t just fit any harness to your dog as you hit the road. Only a bikejoring harness is appropriate for this activity. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement, while it distributes the pull force evenly across your dog’s body to prevent undue pressure on the spine.

Non-stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness 5.0

Best Bikejoring Harness🏆🥇

Gear up your furry sidekick with the Non-stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness 5.0, the best bikejoring harness trusted by Viktor Sinding-Larsen, the Top Dog of bikejoring!

As one could expect from the world’s best-selling harness, it boasts exemplary reliability and durability. Security is a top priority! The last thing you want to think about is a torn harness or a broken clip while your canine powerhouse runs in full throttle.

Non-stop Dogwear designed its bikejoring harness with utmost care and attention to detail—down to the stitching, plastic parts, and metal hardware. Carefully chosen fabrics make the bikejoring harness not only hardwearing but also incredibly soft and comfortable to wear even for prolonged use.

Most importantly, this bad boy is designed to evenly distribute the pull force over a dog’s body, ensuring no undue pressure on the spine. 

A good variety of sizes is available to fit most breeds. Whether your dog has a barrel, deep, or round chest, you can easily find a snug fit that won’t chafe the armpits, restrict shoulder movement, or constrain breathing.

The upgraded version now has reflective material to keep your dog visible in low-light conditions. That said, bikejoring early in the morning or the evening is a lot safer.

  • Top Features

    • Outer: N/100D TRIPLE RIP R/S PCO PU 60
    • Lining: Ripstop Nylon
    • Padding: Closed-cell foam
    • Webbing: Nylon
    • Trims: Duraflex®
    • Hypalon reinforcement
    • 3M™ reflective
    • Colors: Orange/black, blue/gray, pink/gray, teal
    • Sizes: 3-9

  • Pros

    • Evenly distributed pull force and optimum stability while engaging in competitive bikejoring
    • Unmatched comfort: padded, soft inner lining, no hard edges that could dig against the skin
    • Low-light visibility and the option to attach a light
    • Sustainable; spare parts are available at the official store
    • Also works well for canicross, skijoring, and hiking

  • Cons

    • Can’t find any, except that it’s nearly twice as expensive as others


Lindsey Bartolomei | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Very well made. Comfortable for the dog, peace of mind for me.”

Sydney Melugin | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“AMAZING! Lightweight and moves dynamically with my pup when she runs. It’s been a week and I can already tell she loves it more than any other harness she’s had. Very happy with my purchase!”

Neewa Adjustable Racing Harness

Best for Straight Trails with Maximum Freedom on the Belly

The Neewa Perfect Fit is a terrific alternative. It is much less expensive, so it’s ideal if you’re still testing the waters. But we wouldn’t want your canine buddy to be caught in a soggy, heavy harness should it rain, would we?

Good thing this bikejoring harness is made of non-allergenic polypropylene, so not only is it incredibly durable and abrasion-resistant but also breathable and quick-drying.

This bikejoring harness features an H-style design, thus providing uniform distribution of pressure throughout your dog’s body and maximum freedom around the chest and belly. The neck and rib areas have cushioned padding to prevent chafing as your doggo pulls with all his might!

  • Top Features

    • Materials: Propylene plastic
    • Colors: Black, blue, red
    • Sizes: Small to XX-Large

  • Pros

    • Designed for light bikejoring sessions on roads with minimal turns
    • Distributes weight evenly across a dog’s body
    • Lightweight, fast-drying, and doesn’t feel or look bulky
    • Also works well for canicross and hiking purposes

  • Cons

    • Not as durable and long-lasting as our best pick
    • Reflective bands are too thin to even make a difference


Jessie | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Bought this to burn some energy in the off-season for my GSP. So far, I have him skiing and bikejoring and he loves it. The product was a little rigid at first but has softened with use…”

Robert Dawson Baker | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I really appreciate the range of fit though because it allows me to adjust through the smaller second year growth spurt. If the dogs are pulling straight I haven’t noticed any problems. When the dogs are teamed and have different ideas, I notice that the bands at the back loosen slowly over time. This occurs noticeably over the span of maybe 10-30 miles so it’s definitely something I can do before I go out every time but it seems like it might be an issue if we ever get to really long distances and it could be fixed maybe with stronger clips.”

Neewa Pro Sled Dog Harness

Best for Sled Dogs and Dogs with Thick Necks

The Sled Pro is the fraternal twin brother of Neewa’s Racing Harness. This harness uses the same materials for its construction, so it is as durable, lightweight, and quick drying as the other.

The key difference between the two is that the Sled Pro has an X-structure. It is a better choice when bikejoring through trails with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster ride!

As the name implies, this harness is made specifically for sled dogs. The wide opening accommodates thick, fluffy necks with ease, and it comes with eight adjustment points to ensure a snug fit for a wide range of beefy Nordic breeds weighing up to 120 pounds.

  • Top Features

    • Materials: Propylene plastic
    • Colors: Red, blue, pink, neon yellow
    • Sizes: Small to XX-Large

  • Pros

    • Made specifically for large dogs with thick necks
    • Ideal for bikejoring trails with lots of sharp turns
    • Distributes weight evenly across a dog’s body
    • Lightweight, fast-drying, and doesn’t feel or look bulky
    • Also works well for canicross and hiking purposes

  • Cons

    • Not as durable compared to our best pick


Tommy Squeezer | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This harness is strong, tough, and well built. Allows my German Shepherd/Belgian Sheepdog, “The Black Mamba,” to pull hard while breathing easy. The harness straps ride on Mamba’s shoulders and cross under his chest, so no pressure on his windpipe. Easy to put on Mamba — just slip over his head, fit one front leg at a time into the harness, and away we go. No buckles or clips or snaps to deal with…”

Kelly H. | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Large fits our 100lb Big Cookie (Pyrenees cross) perfectly (when he’s standing up). We bought this after looking through the reviews and wanting to go adjustable. It is very well made, goes on easily, and adjusts easily too. Going to try getting him to pull a toboggan of firewood later, but I can tell from experimenting in the house with a box and a cat that the fit is good and my boy enjoys pulling a load.”

Bikejoring Line

The next piece of equipment you’ll need is a bikejoring line, also called tugline. An elastic leash is the best bikejoring line. Unlike a static leash, it buffers jarring surprises caused by sharp turns and unexpected sprints so that you can have more control of any situation.

Non-stop Dogwear Bungee Bikejoring Leash

Best Bikejoring Leash🏆🥇

To keep you and your furry sidekick in perfect sync, we highly recommend the best bikejoring leash in conjunction with the best bikejoring harness!

Even when you have no plans to compete in a professional race, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less. After all, quality is closely tied to safety and reliability. You shouldn’t underestimate how much weight sled dogs pull!

The entire line is elastic. It boasts a robust rubber core that is as stout as a dog’s love for pulling, and a strong layer of polyester reinforces it. What’s so impressive about this leash is the Twistlock-carabiner. As you attach your dog’s harness, it locks itself to make sure your dog doesn’t escape.

While there are 2 lengths available, the experts from Non-stop Dogwear recommend the 2.8-meter length to maintain a safe distance.

  • Top Features

    • Rubber core
    • Durable polyester outer layer
    • Twistlock carabiner rated to 300 kg/661.4 pounds
    • Two lengths: 2 meters and 2.8 meters
    • Color: Orange/black and blue

  • Pros

    • Tough as nails and fully elastic for supreme shock absorption
    • Perfect for high-speed pursuits and strong pullers
    • Auto-locking carabiner sits on a swivel, preventing the leash from spinning
    • Professional-grade; known to last for a long time
    • Works well for skijoring, canicross, and hiking

  • Cons

    • Nothing, except for the limited choice of color


Amy E. Esposito | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This leash pairs very well with the harness. I have been used to hiking with dogs and being able to walk them in the woods without utilizing my hands is wonderful.”

Dea Lyn | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The bungee feature was something I wasn’t sure I would like at first…and it turned out to be something that I had no idea I would LOVE! I am so used to “pulling up” on my leash when I am working with my dog – it’s just a habit when we are working around a lot of people or when there are other dogs nearby. The fact that this leash can expand and retract without me having to really pull on it is nice! I love that the leash loosely keeps my dog nearby, but also allows him to have some extra length if he wants it – and I never have to change my grip. I had no idea that I would like this feature so much, but it’s turned out to be one of those things that I really love!”

Anu | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Non-stop Dogwear makes the BEST gear! I use this leash for dog sledding, bikejoring, skijoring, and canicross with my pupper! The leash is very sturdy and I’ve had it in temperatures below 0 Fahrenheit with no issue in elasticity or durability.”

Neewa Tugline with Bungee Bikejoring Leash

Runner Up

Whether you’re looking for the best alternative bikejoring leash or another one to add to your current rotation, we recommend the Neewa Bungee Bikejoring Leash.

As with other Neewa products, this leash is designed and made in Italy with high quality and craftsmanship. The bungee leash offers ample resistance to sudden shocks and jerks, thus helping you maintain balance and control during tricky rides.

Some might find the length of this leash a little short, but it is perfectly suited for medium-sized dogs or even large breeds that prefer to run next to your side.

  • Top Features

    • Prolyperene
    • Two lengths: 1.5 meters and 2 meters

  • Pros

    • Great quality for the price
    • Provides just the right amount of give
    • Easy to attach to any collar or dog vest
    • A little short on the side, unless your dog runs next to you

  • Cons

    • Some users have concerns about the quality of the material, especially the hardware


Punkin 2013 | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This tug-line worked very well for my 65 lbs Rottweiler, Doberman mix. The 6ft line was a perfect length for bikejoring.”

Cheryl Miller | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“My most used leash. I especially like how versatile it is with the mindful design of hooks. I would give it 5 stars but the bungee function didn’t last as long as I think it should have.”

Bikejoring Antenna

Another core piece of bikejoring equipment is the bikejoring antenna, also known as bikejoring noodle. By installing a bikejoring antenna to your bike’s handlebar, you suspend your dog’s leash over the front tire and keep it from getting tangled in the wheel. It looks too simple to be effective, but it works wonders for you and your dog’s safety.

Sure, some people might suggest using an Alpine scooter noodle or some DIY alternative using a PVC pipe or whatnot. But we strongly encourage you to save your creative DIY skills for something less important and invest in a professional-grade bikejoring antenna for your peace of mind.

Non-stop Dogwear Bikejoring Antenna

The Best Bikejoring Antenna

The majority has spoken! Voted as the best bikejoring antenna, nothing compares to the Non-stop Dogwear Bikejoring Antenna in terms of strength and reliability. This rigid accessory is vital to prevent accidents while riding on trails even with two powerful dogs in tow!

The antenna serves as a great safety backup in case your dog can’t keep a tight line for whatever reason. With this bikejoring noodle, you can expect it to be long enough to cover your bike tire. Unlike cheaper plastic models, it will not stretch out and lose tension with time.

  • Top Features

    • Steel spring
    • Aluminum
    • Unbraco screw
    • Weight: 246 g
    • Length: 63 cm
    • Opening diameter: 28.6 mm
    • Stack height: 10 mm

  • Pros

    • Holds the line up high if there’s any slack
    • Light and sturdy with a flexible base
    • Easy to set up and remove when not bikejoring

  • Cons

    • Expensive but top-notch
    • There’s a limit to how many bikes it can work with; it requires the bike stem to be within the 10mm range


Lisa Jorgensen |  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This seems to be THE ANTENNA that’s out there if you want to bikejor with your dog. I’m one of those people who wants to know what ALL of my options are before I make a decision. I literally scoured and researched and dug through threads and bikejoring pages to see if it was better to build your own vs. purchasing one… If you want to bypass all the research and trials, you can trust me: just go ahead and order this bad boy! It’s hearty, it’s stable, it’s strong, it’s flexible but not flimsy, it does its job, it never gets in your way, it’s easy to install. This doesn’t install AROUND the frame; it installs right ONTO the frame!”

Robert B.  | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Pricey for a couple of pieces of metal. But it’s quality material. And to be able to run my husky with both hands on the handlebars and not have to worry about the leash falling into the front tire it’s worth it.”

Do Dogs Need Boots for Bikejoring?

Healthy dog paw pads are pretty tough. While dog booties aren’t always necessary, there may be times, places, and situations in which rugged doggie footwear is needed to prevent injury. A new biking trail is riddled with potential hazards, such as sharp rocks, glass shards, thorns, etc. To best prepare for this and avoid torn paw pads, you should equip your canine buddy with dog booties.

dog wearing booties crossing a puddle

Some dogs may find it weird to wear booties and may even try to resist. But dogs will warm up to the idea, much like they would with a new type of harness. This is especially true once he learns to associate it with the enjoyable sport of bikejoring. When he puts these on, he’ll be excited because it will be time to go bikejoring again.

Be mindful that in order to maximize comfort, you need to file dog nails first before fitting them in Sniffer’s shoes.


Once the equipment is prepared, the next step is to introduce them to your furry sidekick and teach him the ways of bikejoring. Remember to take it slow and use positive reinforcement.

Better yet, you may start with canicross rather than straight onto bikejoring to get your canine used to the idea of pulling. This sport is also closely related to bikejoring, but you’ll have better control at slower speeds.

With time and practice, you and your canine buddy will be whizzing down the trails with the wind in your hair (or fur) and love bikejoring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can bikejor?
Any able bodied individual can bikejor, but you’ll have to be a good cyclist first. Even the best bikejor equipment cannot compensate for this lack.
Can all dogs bikejor?
Large, high-energy breeds are better suited to bikejoring than others. But even medium breeds can accompany you on shorter, more casual bike excursions.
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