What Is the Most Fearless Hunting Dog?

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Dogs and humans have been best friends for centuries. Whether hunting allies, protecting against predators, or herding cattle, dogs have been at the forefront of various aspects of life. These best hunting dogs were fearless, ready to take on any challenge their owners gave them.

Among such hunting dog breeds, the Rhodesian Ridgeback leaves everyone behind in bravery, hunting instincts, and speed.

In fact, if you search “what is the most fearless hunting dog” on Google, their name will be on the top. After all, they have a history of fending off baboons, leopards, and even lions.

That’s quite a shocker, isn’t it? How can these amazing family dogs be this aggressive and fearless?

Let’s explore Rhodesian Ridgebacks’ history and discover some interesting facts about them. We will also check out the best dog hunting vest from Northland Dog Supply to help you ensure your fearless pet’s safety.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: A Brief Overview

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a native African dog who can do almost anything. They can hunt, ride along horses, track and bay, and protect their owners from intruders and predators.

Also popular as “Renaissance hound,” the Rhodesian Ridgeback differs slightly from other hunting dogs. These ridged dogs are a cross between a Khoikhoi dog and a Greyhound or some Terrier, which has made them immensely successful at fending off leopards, baboons, and lions. Yes, that’s true!

This fearlessness is still present in these best hunting dogs. Rhodesian Ridgebacks can go to great lengths to protect their owners, making them the best guardians and family dogs. They are loyal, protective, and affectionate to the people they love.

The History of Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a South African dog known for their unique breeding. This breed resulted from the cross between the native Khoikhoi dog and some European types that Dutch colonists brought to the country, including Greyhounds or different Terriers.

The Khoi genes are known for their resiliency against pests, fearlessness against dangerous predators, and easy co-existence in African environments. The resulting Rhodesian Ridgeback had the same characteristics.

However, the actual capabilities of these best hunting dogs were not discovered until the late 19th century. It was Cornelius van Rooyen, the Rhodesian big-game hunter, who included two ridged Greyhound females in his lion dog team.

Rooyen observed that the ridged offspring were excellent at encountering the lions, giving hunters enough time to aim their rifles at the prey.

Besides confronting lions, Rhodesian Ridgebacks also excelled in fending off leopards and baboons. These fearless hunting dogs could easily hunt down antelopes, trot alongside horse riders for hours, and protect their owners.

Today, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loved for their patience, endurance, and affection for humans. However, you must always keep them on a heavy-duty leash when walking outside.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: Health, Grooming, and Training

So, now you know the answer to “What is the most fearless hunting dog.” If you want to bring a Rhodesian Ridgeback to your home, know that adopting a dog is a huge responsibility.

You must consider their health, grooming, nutrition, and training needs beforehand. Since these dogs have the blood of African dogs, you can’t take any risks, right?

Here is everything you should know about Rhodesian Ridgebacks:


Fortunately, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks are healthy dogs with little to no medical issues. But as a responsible dog parent, you must get your pup checked for conditions common among their parents — Greyhounds, Terriers, and Khoikhoi dogs.

Some recommended tests are:

  • Thyroid Evaluation
  • Cardiac Evaluation
  • Hips X-ray Evaluation
  • Elbows X-ray Evaluation
  • Caer Eye Examination

Always carry a first aid kit with yourself whether you’re going outside for hunting or playing.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback has a short, dense, sleek coat that sheds much less. This means your pup’s grooming needs will be quite minimal.

They will only need weekly brushing to retain the coat’s glossiness and remove any loose hair. You should bathe them occasionally to make them look clean and dapper. For their oral hygiene, use a teeth-cleaning formula like the one from Dental Fresh.

Their nails will also require trimming to avoid discomfort in walking. Check out the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer to groom your Ridgeback easily.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fearless, strong, and muscular dogs who need regular exercise to stay fit and happy. In fact, they can easily live anywhere with sufficient physical stimulation, such as playing in an arena, taking long walks, running, etc.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks also make great participants in canine sports that require mind and body. These can be dog agility training, tracking, fetching games, etc.

Some exercise toys you can enjoy with your pet include Amazon Basics Glow Toy Dog Balls, Nerf Dog TPR EXO Squeak Stick, and Chuckit! Rope Fetch Dog Toy.


As the best hunting dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a strong prey drive that keeps them on their toes. They need something to do, or they may get destructive out of boredom.

Since Ridgebacks are the most fearless dogs, they don’t shy away from attacking anyone, including large animals. So, you must keep them on a leash, especially when going out. At home, you can allow them to go off-leash in an enclosed area.

During dog agility training, Ridgebacks can be independent, strong-willed, and authoritative. That’s why telling them who the owner is from puppyhood is essential. Always practice positive reinforcement with your pup to give them enough space to adjust and behave well.

To get started with your dog’s training, you can buy a complete training kit, such as the Home Plus Kit from SwiftPaws. It comes with all the training essentials: main unit, stakes, flags, remote, 3 pulleys, battery, charger, line winder, line, and tethers.

The best part? It has a run time of up to 30 minutes, and you can control the device easily with a remote. Keep your dog busy and happy with this Home Plus kit.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback can eat almost any high-quality dog food. After consulting your vet, you can feed them the Wellness Food + Supplements Bundle, Cesar Canine Cuisine Wet Dog Food, or Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food.

You should never leave your food unattended. These dogs are curious and “counter surfers,” so they may land on human food.

Remember, some dog breeds can become overweight or obese more quickly than others. So, always feed your Ridgeback in controlled quantities and monitor its calorie intake.

The same applies to giving your pup treats during dog agility training. Don’t overdo it just to see your pup’s smile; it’s unsafe for them. Stay in touch with your vet regarding your Ridgeback’s diet and weight.

Other Fearless Best Hunting Dogs

There is no one answer to “what is the most fearless hunting dog.” You can find several best hunting dog breeds that are fearless, fierce, and ready to confront any predators.

Here are some other fearless hunting dogs:

1.    Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dogs not only appear strong but are actually quite fearless. Due to their territorial and protective nature, these dogs were primarily bred for hunting boars, hogs, and many other large animals.

As pets, Catahoula Leopard Dogs can be difficult to handle in the beginning. They are independent and stubborn and don’t hesitate to stand against their owners, as they do with wild boars. It’s just in their nature.

So, keep your pet on a harness to ensure they don’t get lost.

2.    Boerboel

Boerboels are native South African dogs originally bred to hunt large predators, including leopards. Due to their fearless and protective nature, these hunting dogs also make great guardians.

In fact, Boerboels were even featured in a 2017 film, “A Dog’s Journey,” as the reincarnation of the canine protagonist.

3.    Pit Bull Terrier

Another great fearless hunting dog is the Pit Bull Terrier. Although they weren’t bred for hunting, they were still used to hunt down hogs – all thanks to their strength and agility.

Pit Bull Terriers are stubborn, fearless, and fierce, ready to confront predators and intruders of all sizes. Because of this, they shouldn’t be left alone with children and large dogs without supervision.

As a general rule of thumb, keep them on leash until they are not civilized.

4.    German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers are one of the most intelligent and active dog breeds. They are versatile hunters and don’t hesitate to protect their loved ones from large predators.

These best hunting dogs were bred to be a man’s companion. With their vigilant nature, they soon turned into responsive, fearless guard dogs. Even today, they appear in the top spot when you search “What is the most fearless hunting dog?”

Dog Hunting Equipment To Ensure Your Pup’s Safety

Fearless dogs are usually the most challenging to handle, especially if you’re a beginner pet parent. More specifically, the native South African dogs, like Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boerboel, need quality dog hunting equipment to stay safe when out in the woods.

To protect your dog from scratches, your dog hunting gear must include the following things:

Hunting Vest

hunting vest protects your dog during hunting and makes them visible from a distance. Most hunting vests, like the Northland Dog Supply’s Rivers West Upland Dog Vest, come in easily recognizable vibrant orange and yellow colors.

This vest is made of sturdy “H2P” waterproof fleece that keeps your dog’s chest area dry whether it snows or rains. The material is quite durable and doesn’t tear easily. Plus, it is very lightweight and comfortable for your dog’s skin.

The Rivers West Upland Dog Vest is the best dog hunting equipment in the market.

But if you’re looking for an alternative, go for the CoyoteVest SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest. Made of fluorescent orange, this vest comes with spikes to protect your pet from animal attacks and bush scratches at the same time.


The coat is similar to the vest but provides more coverage to your pet’s body. It starts from the dog’s neck base and goes to their tail’s base. That’s a great way to protect your pup’s pelvic area from scratches.

The Northland Dog Supply’s Filson Shelter Cloth Dog Coat is made of 100% oil finish shelter cloth with a plaid red and black 100% virgin Mackinaw wool interior. Like the vest, it is also lightweight and water-resistant, with oversized Velcro closures at the neck and chest for versatile adjustment.

Your best hunting dog will also love the coat’s double layer of moleskin at the neck.


Don’t forget to include a dog collar in your dog hunting gear. The PVC-coated nylon collar is considered the best option as it is waterproof and durable. Quality ones are odor-proof as well.

Like the vest, your dog’s hunting collar should be bright orange with a reflective strip. This way, you’ll know where your dog is wandering around, meaning less chances of getting lost.

Looking for more equipment? Check out Northland Dog Supply’s hunting accessories to enjoy hunting in the woods without any worries.


The Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the most fearless hunting dogs. Their fierce approach to fending off baboons, leopards, and lions makes them a favorite among hunters. These native South African dogs are fast, strong, and protective of their owners.

Other fearless dog breeds include the Catahoula Leopard Dog, Boerboel, Pit Bull Terrier, and German Shorthaired Pointer.

If you plan to take your fearless pet hunting, prepare with the right dog hunting equipment from Northland Dog Supply — the vestcoat, and collar — beforehand. For dog agility training, browse SwitchPaws’s collection and invest in their Pulley SetFlirt Pole, or the complete Home Plus Kit.

After all, your dog’s safety is your utmost priority, right? Enjoy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most fearless hunting dog?

The most fearless hunting dog is the Rhodesian Ridgeback. They have a history of confronting large animals like leopards, lions, and baboons. These dogs are also quite protective and territorial against intruders.

What are the best training products for hunting dogs?

The best training products for hunting dogs include a flirt pole, pulley, line winder, and flags. You can find them easily from SwitchPaws.

How can I ensure my hunting dogs’ safety?

Invest in high-quality dog vests, coats, and collars from Northland Dog Supply to protect your pup from scratches, predator attacks, and worsening weather conditions. Focus on enjoying hunting with your pet without worrying about their safety.

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