What Sports Are Good For Dogs?

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For dogs to remain high-spirited, look for lively sports activities like pulling dog sports or hunting dog sports that help keep dogs both mentally and physically fit. A dull and unhealthy dog cannot enjoy sports or create a good bond with its owner.

If you are searching for the best dog sports with extra stimulation, there are many options to keep your best friends active. These sports include agility, flyball, frisbee catching, surfing, tracking, etc. You can also get your hands on Padded leather harness for your dogs to have a strong grip while creating a great bond with them!


Some dog sports are only for hyperactive dogs. Although many sports have structured competitions, one can purposefully participate in these games to spend quality time with their dogs. 


Pros of Dog Sports

People have been using dogs for sports competitions for ages. These energetic activities draw owners’ attention towards a more liable training and breeding of animals. Participating in dog sports can also improve public perception of dogs by showcasing their athleticism, intelligence, and trainability.

Dogs playing with Tug Toys

Taking part in these events has a more significant impact on the owners and the dogs. Firstly, a dog gets numerous body and mind benefits. As per the research by Dr Kat Miller, an animal behaviorist, many dogs aren’t well-exercised, which excessively results in numerous behavioral and mental problems.

Secondly, for owners, dog sports provide a reason to get active and exercise alongside their furry companions, improving their own physical fitness and cardiovascular health. The shared experience of training and competing can be a powerful stress reliever for both owners and dogs, giving a sense of accomplishment and teamwork.

How to Prepare Your Dog for the Right Sport?

Finding the best suitable sport for your dog and yourself that can be played together for a good time is crucial. Before making this big decision, you must fully understand your dog’s nature.

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No pull soft harness for your pet dogs

If your dog fears heights, dock jumping/water jumping is a big no. If your pup doesn’t like to dip in a clear blue ocean, understand that your dog isn’t a big fan of water sports. But if it loves fetching, the disc game is a match made in heaven! 

Keep an eye on your doggy’s body language. It often helps the new owners gradually understand their dogs’ likes and dislikes. This understanding will work as a gateway to strengthen your interaction with your pet animal and create a close bond in the future.

The 13 Highly Active Dog Sports for Healthy Dogs

Here you go! Enjoy each and every sport with your furry friend.

1.   Fast Cat

Are you impressed with how fast your dog runs? And in search of the best running sports for your dog? Fast CAT is indeed a great pick. CAT stands for Coursing Ability Test, a 100-yard dash, chasing a lure with a fixed time.

(Run together for a better training)

Fast CAT doesn’t hold any specific requirements or training. If your dog loves to run or chase rabbits and birds – there you go, perfect to become a Fast CAT candidate!

2.   Canine Freestyle

Everyone loves dancing, whether on slow beats or fast, isn’t it? You can establish a strong bond by exploring the choreographed musical world with your favourite buddy.

Canine Freestyle, as the name suggests, any performance is welcomed until the dog or the dog handler is in danger.

3.   Agility

Agility is a rollercoaster ride for the spectators and the dog handler. It is one of the most popular agility dog sports. It requires your utmost dedication and support from your canine to win the trophy.


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It is a pre-planned route sprinkled with extreme hurdles consisting of tunnels, weave poles, and pyramids. Agility is considered a complex and furious game that aims to judge the performance of both the dog and the dog handler.

4.   Disc Dogs/Frisbee Dog

A disc dog game, also called a “Frisbee” dog sport, is where the owner throws a frisbee or disc into the air, and the dog has to catch it.


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Two more categories are added to this game. One, where the dog handler sets a time and tosses as many frisbees as he can in one minute. The second type is known as the freestyle disc. In this category, a dog handler throws discs by working on his creative side using choreography and playing music.

5.   Flyball

Flyball is a warm-up game that’s played with teams of four dogs. It starts with one dog running down a course, jumping hurdles, and then running towards the flyball box. The dog then jumps on a panel that triggers the flyball box to throw a tennis ball out.

The dogs must race back to their owner before another team dog is released to perform the same task. The team where all four dogs bring the tennis ball first wins the game!

6.   Dock Jumping

If you recently noticed your dog loves jumping, the dock jump game is tailored for your pup. With a bit of addition, unlike the human version, this dog sport is about jumping into the water from a heightened dock, jumping to get the toy, and bringing it back to the owner. Whichever dog brings the toy first wins the race.

7.   Herding

Dogs can never ignore their ability to safeguard things. It is another reason we have watched numerous movies with watchdogs for ages.

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If your dog isn’t born in the countryside, you can always take it there and see how your bud gets used to herding within a few weeks.

8.   Lure Coursing

There is a built-in sense of chasing in every dog. If your dog loves running after squirrels and rabbits by getting crazy with their prey drive, it is time to train your buddy! The best part is that lure coursing will help uplift your dog’s confidence.

You can also turn it into a competition by adding various challenges. You may include jumping through a hanging tire on a tree, crossing monkey bars, etc.

9. Rally Obedience

In a rally obedience game, a dog and handler teams must follow and perform a course with various signs describing different obedience exercises. The judges see which team has completed the task more swiftly, meeting all the specifications.

The rules in rally obedience are often more manageable than the traditional obedience competitions. It is open to all breeds, with several levels and titles. If you want your dog to enjoy this game and get more physically active, search for rally obedience games near you or get involved in a doggo club.

10. Dog Surfing

In dog surfing, each team gets 10 minutes to surf on as many waves as possible. The participants can surf on bodyboards, skimboards, bodysurf, or windsurf boards.

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Participants must wear a life jacket. Although, there are no specific restrictions on dog sizes or breeds. However, the judgments are made on the rider’s confidence, the wave’s length, riding style, and the position on the surfboard.

11. Skijoring

Skijoring is a pulling game where two to three dogs pull the skier. These dogs are from the pulling breed, like huskies, that add extra effort to the skijoring experience.

You can also try this sport with your dogs. But before starting, try to get your dogs trained for more confidence.

12. Scent work

It is also known as scent work. You can participate in scenting games if your dog is a keen sniffer. It includes training your dogs to sniff particular scents stored a little far away.

The dogs search for the scents and, upon finding let their handlers know about their precious finds

13. French Sport

The French ring is a rugged protection sport with three levels. It includes jumping, obedience, and protection to prepare the dog for aggressive training.

It functions with a strong unity between the dog and the owner. The entire game emphasizes control and obedience, leading a dog to perform the exercises correctly.

Extreme Dog Sports for Your Partner in Crime

The performance-based activities which are judged by giving marks or winning championships are known as Extreme Sports.

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If you are already searching for the best dog sports as your pup is highly active, you can accept the challenge of providing behavior dog training to your canine. It will boost their behavior more positively as your dogs must be in their finest presentable attitude.

Things To Be Careful Of With Dog Sports

You have to consider the welfare of your animal before ticking any competitive sport. No matter which sport you choose for your pet dog, whether hunting sports or any other category, there is no need to put pressure on your dog! This mistreatment can lead to illness and stress. And in no way is it ethically appropriate for your pet animal.

Apart from this, some pet competitions are expensive, and not everyone can afford them. But don’t you get upset! You can still go for games that are easier on your pocket. What matters is starting small, winning prizes, and hitting your arrow to the main goal.

How To Look For Dog-Friendly Events?

To have a Tommy, Leo, or Max who waits for you when you are away is a fat blessing one can never look down upon. To make your bud happy and healthy, go on walks and search for local dog events or cheerful dog training near you.

There are many dog-lover groups on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can check out pet events in the newspaper or on your town’s website. All that matters is how well you treat your dog and how considerate you are for their well-being!


Dog sports certainly play an essential part in the well-being of your pups. You can train them well and enjoy a great time with your dogs, whether in winter mornings or summer evenings.

So, If you are searching for an in-depth training method to make your dog healthy, place your order for the so far best chase game. We are sure you don’t want to miss this chance to make your pet animal your favorite buddy with whom you can experience place far and wide. 

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