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What to Consider When Buying Dog Treats

Olaitan Aiyeyomi


Olaitan Aiyeyomi , 15th March 2024

Dog parents know that giving your canine treats is a great way to encourage good behavior. Besides, dogs are always on the lookout for treats; they love munching on them, especially when they are tasty. According to Caylee Freels, a licensed VCA White Lake Animal Hospital veterinary technician, dog treats are “different from what they’re used to. That includes the smell, flavor, or texture of the treat.”

However, not every treat you give your dog is good for them, and you may even be feeding them too much. It is important that you give your dog treats specially formulated for dogs as they have the appropriate constituents. Meanwhile, with endless options of canine treats on the market, knowing how to choose the right treat may be tough. Keep reading this blog post to discover the benefits of giving quality canine treats and how to choose the right ones.

What Are the Benefits of Quality Canine Treats?

Treats can be a good thing for your dog occasionally, especially when they deserve it. Some treats are specially formulated to enhance nutritional benefits by supplementing your dog’s food, besides serving as a motivation for positive behavior. When you give your dog the best canine treats on the market, you will reap lots of benefits, including the below:

1. Stronger immunity

Quality treats, especially natural treats, offer your dog a range of nutrients their body needs. These include protein, which is essential for boosting your dog’s immune system to help it stay fit and healthy.

2. Deworming

Quality treats, such as those with hair on, are natural dewormers that can help cleanse your dog’s digestive system.

3. Reduced allergies

Quality dog treats lack additives that bulk them out; many dogs are allergic to these additives – they upset their stomachs. Instead, they contain a sufficient amount of essential vitamins that help the white blood cells fight illnesses or allergic reactions. They go well with the best dog food for a dog with allergies.

4. Aid digestion

The best treats lack artificial chemicals, thus making it easier for your dog to digest and absorb the important nutrients. Since canine stomachs are yet to be developed enough to handle artificial chemicals present in many processed foods, quality treats are the best.

5. Optimal dental health

Quality canine treats lack artificial sweeteners and other harmful chemicals that can hurt your furry friend’s oral health. Contrarily, they help keep your dog’s teeth clean, getting rid of dirt that has built up in between their teeth.

Important Things to Note When Choosing a Dog Treat

As far as choosing the right canine treats go, you’re not only looking at the taste; other aspects matter also. Therefore, here are vital things to note when selecting the right treats for your furry friend:

Dog age

Consider your dog’s stage of life and choose treats specifically designed for them. For example, puppy treats are typically softer and easier to chew, with higher protein and calorie levels for rapid growth.

Its health history

You will need to consult your veterinarian first before buying treats for your dog if it has a medical history. They can tell you the right dietary approach to take, giving you an idea of what your dog needs.

The ingredient

Another vital aspect to consider is the ingredient; veterinarian Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR, recommends going for treats containing few ingredients, one, if possible. That is because canine treats with minimum ingredients don’t have unnecessary fillers or fat but have adequate protein. Also, treats with natural ingredients are the better options as they are devoid of preservatives, chemical humectants, and other materials that upset dog stomachs.

The texture

Consider the texture of the canine treat; opt for soft treats that are easier and faster to consume. However, that depends on your dog’s age; hard and firm treats are great for adult dogs to help maintain their oral health.

What to Avoid When Selecting Canine Treats for Your Pet

Many canine treats do more harm to dogs than good and must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, to ensure your furry friend’s overall health, ensure you avoid these things when selecting canine treats for them:

  • Rawhide chews, which is a cheap by-product of the leather industry with little economic and nutritional value.
  • Bones from real animals, as great as people say they are, real animal bones can be dangerous for your dog. For example, they can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella, and when you boil them, they become brittle, which can hurt your dog’s mouth.
  • Preservatives: do not choose treats that contain ingredients like calcium propionate, ethoxyquin, BHT, BHA, or potassium sorbate.
  • Artificial coloring – your dog doesn’t care what color the treats they munch on are anyway.
  • Synthetic sweeteners like sorbitol – can cause obesity, allergies, tooth decay, and nervousness, among other things.

3 Recommended Dog Treats: Our Best Picks

1. Milk-Bone Large Crunchy Dog Treats

Best Overall
  • Description

    • All natural ingredients
    • Contains dicalcium phosphate and calcium carbonate
    • Designed with care to ensure a joyful experience for dogs

  • Benefits

    • It comes in a crunchy and meaty taste that makes it easy for dogs to chew.
    • It is made with all-natural ingredients like meat and bone meal, natural flavor, and wheat flour.
    • It has vitamins and minerals for soft, chewy, and healthy training treats free of grains.

  • Pros

    • The crunchy taste and ingredients guarantee a fresher breath.
    • It works well for checking tartar development in dogs.

  • Cons

    • Some users say it can come better in a larger size.

2. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

Runner Up

  • Description

    • All natural ingredients
    • Beef flavor
    • Can be served as a treat or a snack and a part of a complete and healthy dog diet

  • Benefits

    • Comes with a dog biscuit shell and a meaty component
    • Made and packaged in the United States with natural ingredients
    • Every pack contains real bone marrow

  • Pros

    • Offers quality texture and a great flavor
    • Fortified with calcium suitable for dogs
    • Affordable and offers value for money

  • Cons

    • Relatively small compared to other dog treats

3. Purina Beggin’ Dog Treat with Bacon

Best Budget Pick

  • Description

    • Allergen-free dog treat
    • Bacon and beef flavor
    • Packaged to be suitable for dogs of all breed sizes.
    • Comes in a stick form

  • Benefits

    • The barley rice, oatmeal, and soy protein concentrate make it a great addition to a healthy meal diet.
    • There are no added artificial flavors or coloring, it smells really nice and is made with delicious bacon

  • Pros

    • No irritating or overpowering odor
    • Promotes optimal oral health

  • Cons

    • It dries out quickly.


Choosing the best canine treats is tantamount to looking for yummy rewards for your furry friend for being good. Or they can be a good way to calm your anxious dog down. With this comprehensive buying guide, you can get the best-quality canine treats for your dog. If you are confused about which treat to get for your dog, then we recommend that you click here.

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